We were one of the first private live-in care recruitment agencies in the country. Access Care was started in 1994 by owner Judie Tighe when she realised there was a real problem in the homecare market. Having witnessed the difficulties her mother had finding help for her father following a hospital admission, she made it her mission to transform the process of organising live-in care so those people who need it and those family members who arrange it have access to a courteous, efficient and safe service.

25 years from her original vision the company has passed from mother to daughter and is now run by Tiggy Bradshaw and a handpicked team, all of whom take a personal interest in each and every carer and client.

We are small enough to pay attention to the finer details, yet big enough to provide you with an exceptional service. We love what we do. We are a happy, honest, reliable team at Head Office in Goodworth Clatford, Hampshire that recruit and introduce Live-in Carers to people across the UK.

We are a team of recruitment specialists, consummate homecare professionals, customer service experts and people that truly care. Some of our Clients have been with us over 15 years, our Head of Operations Melanie has been with us over 11 years, our Managing Director Tiggy over 17 years and the company over 25 – we know what we are doing.

Shelbie works closely with Tiggy to support her in running Access Care. It’s busy, fast and she jumps from one thing to the next – which is perfect for Shelbie as she loves to be busy! Shelbie is also part of the New Business team, offering advice and support to families looking at care, helping them to decide what option is the best for them.

Direct line: 01264 319 398 // Email: shelbie@access-care.co.uk