Get your company seen, heard and talked about!

Sam set up Footstep Communications to help businesses increase brand awareness and visibility within their target audiences, to drive sales, and encourage customer engagement and loyalty.

After recently returning from 15 years in the Middle East and having a baby, Sam is back, combining genuine passion, experience and personality to create compelling content and communication solutions that will engage media, bloggers and end consumers through traditional and/or social media initiatives. She is committed to supporting each and every client with a bespoke communications plan, training where necessary, and a listening ear if required!

We ensure brand communications support company goals and culture, creating integrated solutions which are individually tailored in order to make an impression that lasts. These solutions use a strategic combination of Public Relations (PR), social media, events and influencer/stakeholder engagement programmes. We also provide training workshops for individuals, teams and small business owners.

Email: sam@footstepcommunications.com
LinkedIn & Instagram: @MrsSamanthaEvans
Website: footstepcommunications.com