We insure our homes, bikes, mobiles, pets and even our fridges – but do you insure yourself? You are your most valuable asset!  Is your income and family protected should you get ill or, worse, die.

It’s not a nice subject, but it’s worth spending time running through what life would look like if you unexpectedly couldn’t work due to illness or injury – or how your family would survive financially if you suddenly passed away.  Often these awful situations happen without warning.  Do you have enough savings to see you through 3 months, 6 months, a year – or, possibly, forever?  Can you pay for your child(ren)’s education?  Do you have a plan to cover funeral costs?

Similar considerations should be made for those with businesses:

  • What would happen if a key person within your business died?  Would this affect your profit, would it cost to replace them (recruitment, training etc)?
  • What would happen if your business partner died?  Do you have the funds to buy out your partner, or would their family member have to become a partner in the business?

Did you know, as a business owner, you may be able to get tax efficient Life Cover through your company?

Michelle will conduct a free financial review and provide a tailored solution to ensure you have peace of mind.  Her advice will be based on your circumstances, needs and affordability.

You are not forgotten once a policy is in place.  It’s so important to review cover and circumstances regularly – at least annually, but sooner should you alter your mortgage, marry or divorce, have children or change jobs.

Private Medical Insurance can also be arranged, for individuals/families or businesses.  This enables prompt treatment and care – no lengthy NHS wait, with appointments/treatment to suit your diary – resulting in the ability to return to work swiftly; benefitting all concerned.  This is a great company benefit/perk.

For further information, or to arrange an appointment, please contact Michelle on:

07976 281 217 / mkent@gencapital.co.uk