Life Happens, Coffee Helps

Happyccino is a family-run coffee & brunch bar with a focus on promoting positive wellbeing and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. We believe that connecting with others and forming good relationships – with family, friends and the wider community – are important for mental wellbeing and building stronger, broader social connections in your life can increase your feelings of happiness and self-worth. We also believe that normalising the conversation around our feelings and mental health are important in breaking the stigma around mental health; so you will find lots of positive quotes and illustrations inside to remind you that we are only human…after all!

We also try to support local, independent businesses and work in the most sustainable way possible – we have recently been recognised as plastic free champions – but we are not perfect (yet!) so we are still working on ways to improve our usage of single-use packaging. We wanted to work with local suppliers who are equally passionate about protecting the beautiful world we live in – in the most ethical way – whilst still producing the most amazing products; they are just awesome!

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