Did you know that most people will suffer from some form of pain during their life and most people think the only way to manage pain is by taking pain killers?

I am Dr Andrea Haas and I am passionate about helping people manage their pain in a more natural and holistic way. Having worked on the NHS for over 30 yrs both in musculoskeletal medicine and now pain management, I have realised that the management of pain on the NHS is very limited. Pain affects us both emotionally and psychologically, but also how we feel emotionally and psychologically, in the first place also has an impact on whether we have a tendency to develop pain.

I have developed a unique three-step system guiding clients through these stages to help improve their pain without the use of medication. We first explore what is going on for you, then we resolve what we find, and then I empower you with the tools to manage any flare-ups you may have in the future.

I offer a free 45 min consultation with all clients prior to working with them to determine whether I am able to help and also whether we are a match to work together. There is no obligation to this session.

If you would like to book a session please either call me on 07770 672122, or book it directly through my website, www.andrea-inner-strength.co.uk