I believe we all possess our own individual magic to light up our own worlds.

The birth of Magical and Messy is from a desire to share with you crystal powers, moon magic and the latest science-based tools and techniques that you can use in your everyday life, to manifest your magic and take control of that messiness. 

I have tried and tested them for you so I can attest from personal experience they work. 

Having been obsessed with Crystals as a little girl and then rediscovering these in my mid-twenties. I have felt compelled to blend my own certified education and experience in the learning and development field with holistic health approaches. 

I am self-confessed self-development, health and well-being, self-help book enthusiast. My desire and passion in life are to see everyone in life recognising their own magic and messy.  So they can achieve things they never felt possible.

Let’s admit we all have some messiness, and the most transformational things happen when we are right in the middle of a hot mess. 

At times we get a little lost on our journey and we end up placing other beliefs and boundaries of ourselves in the way. 

This can leave you feeling frustrated and unaccomplished. 

My workshops, readings and healing treatments will guide you back to your inner magic, that sparkle I see it. 

I will empower you to create your own unique magic to harness your own superpowers to live the most fulfilling life you thought was only ever achievable in your dreams.