Inspired by the Outdoor Cinema phenomenon and frustrated in the logistics of getting sleeping children home, feeling the cold, not having that glass of wine you’ve been so looking forward to as you’re driving, making sure your buddies get home safely and the fact you just can’t wear a onesie in public! My Garden Cinema allows you to experience the Outdoor Cinema the way YOU want it! In the comfort of your own surroundings – YOU set the scene!
My Garden Cinema gives you everything you need to watch your favourite movies using your own DVDs/BluRays or connect to your existing streaming service* such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Now TV.
The projector also allows you to connect your laptop and games console such as a PS4, Nintendo and Xbox giving you further entertainment options to choose from!
My Garden Cinema will set up your outdoor cinema experience how you want it, provide a demonstration of it working and answer any questions you have to ensure a hassle-free operation. We are only a phone call away should you encounter an issue.