6 Month Full Membership

6 Month Full Membership to The Ribbons Network entitles you to attend both the morning and evening meeting hosted in your area per month for the duration of your membership.

The details of this level membership are:

• Membership will be taken for 6 months
• Membership costs £45.00 PCM after the first month of £104.99 to include £59.99 joining fee
• Payments will be taken on a recurring date per month as per your join date
• Bounced payments will be attempted again 1 day after the payment date
• £59.99 join fee is payable upon joining *unless otherwise stated or agreed*
• Membership will automatically renew unless one month’s notice is given
• £29.99 renewal fee will be added automatically on renewal
• By signing up to membership you understand the costs involved
• Your My VIP Card will only be valid for the duration of the membership


• Becoming a member means you will be automatically added to the guest list for all standard events in your chosen area.
• If you cannot attend a meeting you must inform your event host prior to the event
• You may send someone in your place
• You will not be refunded for meetings you cannot attend

Membership Perks:
These perks include and are not limited to:

• National My VIP Card (for the duration of membership)
• Membership lanyard for visibility at meetings
• Guaranteed space at (elected) breakfast and evening meeting
• Booking processed automatically each month
• Listing on Ribbons Network website
• 1 x FREE speaker slot per year (saving of £75.00)
• Monthly advertising rights within the Ribbons Network community
• Testimonial slots at breakfast meetings
• Ticket discount on other Ribbons Network associated events
• Raffle ticket at breakfast meeting