I am a plus-size woman, I am a wife, daughter, niece, auntie, friend, I am a mother of two AND I am a sexual being!

My name is Jessica, and since 2017 I’ve studied sexology, it has become my passion (cliche I know!). I love talking about sex, sharing sex positive, scientific, factual and straightforward information, with some fun and humour sprinkled in. I encouraging open and honest communication, and often ‘bare all’ in my Facebook Group – because this is a journey we are all on.

My hope is that the more I talk about sex, the more of us who embrace the conversation, the more we normalise sex – the easier it is to change our own worlds!

What if we stopped treating sex as taboo,and treat it as any other ‘lesson’ to learn in life. Like learning the piano, or to ride a bike?

>> https://sexucation.co.uk/