I’m Amanda, I was born and raised in South Africa. My husband and I spent 15 years living and working around the world while we raised our three children. This enabled me to have an amazing insight into how people live and survive. Throughout my travels, my passion for food held centre stage. I loved learning and absorbing the best each country had to offer and how different cultures used food to heal and thrive.

I am a certified health and wellness coach, professional chef and hold an honours degree in teaching; I am a food photographer and recipe developer and generally passionate about all things food. These tools have enabled me to teach and educate people around the world about the importance of food and good health.

I love working with women who have hit rock bottom in their health and lives and want to change. My own health journey has taught me some very important lessons. This unique formula could be yours too, giving you the tools to lead a full and healthy energised life. I specialise in weight loss in women (and men) over 40. Contact me for more information.