I was first attuned to Rahanni Celestial Healing, a holistic and complementary therapy, in 2015 after receiving healing sessions and seeing how much it helped me. In 2012 I had suffered for months with a painful, stiff neck which was not helped by massages, or sports massages, despite the therapists being amazing. When there had been little improvement after 4 sessions my sports massage therapist asked what was going on emotionally at the time my neck pain started.  It had been a time of much emotional upheaval and hurt, and we decided that I should investigate ways to unlock this emotion to see if that could help.  I booked an appointment with a friend who was a practitioner and had the most amazing experience during the treatment, including a ‘whoosh’ of emotion which came up from my heart, and lots of tears as I released the pain I had been holding.  At the end of the treatment she explained how she had ‘felt’ grief, both for the situation that had brought on the neck pain, and also for my dear Mum who was deteriorating with Alzheimer’s.  The next day my neck pain had cleared. However, it is important to say that Rahanni is not a magic wand that can make problems disappear, but I believe it can help to highlight to the client any emotional issues that they may need to address in order to release blockages that are holding them back.

Since being attuned I have found that drawing Angel Oracle cards after the healing can often clarify things that have come up and give possible ways forward.

In August 2020 I received certification to read the Akashic Records for myself and others. This is another great way of accessing ‘you’ and what has happened in your journey. In simple terms it is like searching for yourself on the internet and seeing things from a different perspective, with love, and no judgement.

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