Do you dither about saying yes to speaking opportunities?

Do you worry you won’t know what to say or you’ll dry up in the middle of your presentation?

Help is at hand!

Dawn delivers a variety of training and coaching offers that includes the following areas:

Sessions dedicated to you achieving something amazing – presenting with ease, confidence and clarity. The focus, at all times, will be on the results you would like to achieve as a result of the presentations. There will be a clear business imperative.

Mindset: we will explore ways to manage any nerves and build your confidence and self-esteem as a speaker.

Your Speaking Voice: I will share my knowledge to help you develop your speaking voice. This will include vocal exercises and breath control. As a result, you develop confidence in the clarity, tone and quality of your voice.

Your Speaking Style: this is different for all of us, however, we will work on posture, body language, the use of gesture and eye contact to enable you to be a more confident, engaging and elegant speaker.

Structuring your Presentation or Talk: It is important to get your message across in a clear, well-structured way. We will focus on preparing the wording that provides clarity for your potential audiences when networking or presenting elsewhere. This is an important part of your job in presenting the details of your company’s products/services. The simplicity and clarity we develop will help with this.

We will cover the different ways of structuring your talks so you can develop your own personal style to inspire your audience to make the decision to engage with you. Getting your business message across with clarity will, I feel be central to the engagement of your audiences with what you’re trying to achieve for Think Forensics.

Communicate your value: We will develop your engaging introduction/60-second pitch to help people understand clearly what you do that encourages your ideal customer to “lean in” and want to find out

It is your time to shine. Let’s get you on track to being a compelling and confident speaker who will get the results!