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In Hampshire, Berkshire, Dorset, Surrey or Online.

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You can visit us Twice before making your decision to join as a member.

Membership gives you far more value while at the same time costing no more.

We currently offer face to face and online networking meetings in Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, Dorset, Cornwall & Kent to help you grow your network and improve your business.

We stand for Collaboration, genuine relationships and business growth.

We offer a membership option in all locations to enable you to get the very best from our meetings.

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The Ribbons Network

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I visit before joining?

You can join us twice before deciding to become a member of The Ribbons Network

What perks to I get when joining The Ribbons Network?

When joining our trusted Network you not only have access to our amazing SUPPORT network, with the opportunity to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS, GROW and LEARN with your business, you also gain many additional perks which can be found above.

Can I become a member in more than one area?

Absolutely! Please speak to your local host to find out how.

Is there a joining fee to join The Ribbons Network?

Yes, there is a small one off joining fee to become a member of The Ribbons Network. Full information on joining can be found here

What if I can't attend the meeting?

It is expected that you attend all meetings within your membership and if you cannot attend you find someone to go in your place. We appreciate that life happens, and this is not always possible, but when it is we’d really appreciate that you adhere to this. This not only shows you and your business in the best light, but it also gives the other members the best meeting too.

Do I have to have a business or a certain size to attend?

Absolutely not, we welcome all businesses ranging from start ups, SME's, medium and large businesses.

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