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The Ribbons Network

The Ribbons Network

About Us

“Networking has turned my business right around and opened the doors to me growing my business from comfort zone to the growth zone.”

Jade Binsted, founder of The Ribbons Network

We are passionate about ensuring your business grows. To do this we make it our business to find out about your business, where you are going, what your goals are and how quickly you want to achieve them.

From this, we support you in building a networking strategy to enable you to network with purpose and clarity to ensure you can communicate effectively how you need to be supported.

In turn, this will successfully build you a strong support network around to grow your business.

We are your sustainable, growth focussed network.

Why are we different? We are you, we are relatable, we have experienced what you have experienced, we are accessible, we are humble, we are inclusive… in essence, you are just like us.

Our purpose is to create fun, nurturing and supportive networking environments for business owners, just like you.

Our mission is to continue building a national community of passionate business owners to grow in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Our vision is to run a national community, that business owners want to be a part of. 

The Ribbons Network is for you if you run your own growing business and understand the need to create a support network around you to learn and grow with.

We run welcoming and respectful events in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, West Sussex & Dorset which are always a no-clique zone. 

Our events are run for you, to help you grow your network, your business, and yourself. You will gain support, friendships and knowledge in a family feel environment. All enabling you to grow your business. 


Website listing, speaking opportunities, national networking membership, PLUS:

Judgement Free Learning Environment

We encourage all our members to make learning part of their business journey and never be afraid to ask a question.

Networking Education

We are proud to help all our members learn how to make networking work for their business to ensure they get the results they need.

Lifetime Support

Our members not only benefit from support in the meetings and between meetings, but we strive to support our members, even if they can no longer network with us.

Genuine Friendships

We are most proud that relationships formed in The Ribbons Network are built in a genuine way to ensure they stand the test of time.

National Connections

Thanks to having groups in many areas, our national member chat and our monthly national meet-ups, our members are connected with business owners to support them outside of their local group.

Member Only Online Zone

Our online zone is full of networking and learning resources, member-to-member discounts, professional photos, and much more.

The Ribbons Network


“I had the pleasure of attending my first Networking Event with Jade and also doing the photography.

Truly I was blown away. Not only by the organisation of the event, which Jade made look effortless but also the engaging and fun aspect, while also keeping everything very professional, really stood out to me.

I could see people making real connections and having the chance to network in a great relaxed environment. Such a great job Jade. ”



“Amazing network organised by an amazing lady! This group welcomes all and makes you feel at ease whether you’re a frequent networker or it’s your first time.

Definitely a group well worth visiting to build a support group around you to drive your business forward, be there to bounce ideas off and motivate and encourage you.”



The Ribbons Network


The Ribbons Network

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I visit before joining?

You can join us twice before deciding to become a member of The Ribbons Network

What perks to I get when joining The Ribbons Network?

When joining our trusted Network you not only have access to our amazing SUPPORT network, with the opportunity to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS, GROW and LEARN with your business, you also gain many additional perks which can be found above.

Can I become a member in more than one area?

Absolutely! Please speak to your local host to find out how.

Is there a joining fee to join The Ribbons Network?

Yes, there is a small one off joining fee to become a member of The Ribbons Network. Full information on joining can be found here

What if I can't attend the meeting?

It is expected that you attend all meetings within your membership and if you cannot attend you find someone to go in your place. We appreciate that life happens, and this is not always possible, but when it is we’d really appreciate that you adhere to this. This not only shows you and your business in the best light, but it also gives the other members the best meeting too.

Do I have to have a business or a certain size to attend?

Absolutely not, we welcome all businesses ranging from start ups, SME's, medium and large businesses.

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