Ribbons Riser

Ribbons Riser Membership to The Ribbons Network entitles you to join one in-person group and attend your elected in-person meeting, the online meeting hosted on Zoom every month, plus access to all membership perks. 

What you get when you join:

💫 When you join you benefit from an onboarding call with your host where they will discuss your membership, go through any questions you may have and run a mini networking strategy session to ensure you get the very best from becoming a The Ribbons Network member.

💫  At nine months your host will check in with you to ensure you are on track, and then every year thereafter you will receive a complimentary networking strategy call with your host!

💫 We love to have fun, and help you grow and learn, when you join you also have three months to secure a festival ticket at half price 💫

But now for the boring bits…. Ribbons rules:

  • You’re signed up for a minimum of twelve months which will rollover automatically unless three months’ notice is given
  • You can downgrade or upgrade your membership at any time – even within the first twelve months
  • If anything changes after your first twelve months, all you need to do is give 3 months notice to leave us
  • Payments will be taken on a recurring date per month as per your join date
  • Bounced payments will be attempted again 1 day after the payment date
  • By signing up for membership you understand the costs involved


  • No roaming to other groups alternatively, members can visit other groups up to twice with the exclusive membership discount
  • No swapping or switching meetings without a member swap but you can get first refusal when other members need a swap using the WhatsApp Support Group
  • Becoming a member means you will be automatically added to the guestlist for your monthly in-person meeting(s) and your national online event
  • If you cannot attend a meeting you must inform your event host prior to the event
  • You may send someone in your place
  • You will not be refunded for meetings you cannot attend
  • Meetings cannot be carried over to other months or groups unless a member meeting swap takes place
  • You are only permitted to attend your elected meetings included in your membership unless a member meeting swap takes place

Membership Perks:
These perks include and are not limited to:

  • Guaranteed space at (elected) face-to-face meeting
  • Booking is processed automatically each month
  • Listing on The Ribbons Network website
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • 2x visitor spaces to each Ribbons Network event
  • Ticket discount on other The Ribbons Network-associated events
  • Judgement Free Learning Environment
  • Networking Education
  • Lifetime Support
  • Genuine Friendships
  • National Connections
  • Member Only Online Zone
  • We will donate £5 from your membership to our chosen charity on a monthly basis and enter you into the meeting raffle


  • £65 / month
  • 12 Month Membership
  • Membership will continue and you will be charged your monthly fee of £65 after 12 months unless three month’s notice is given