While your networking commitments should be a non-negotiable in your diary, we fully understand that sometimes you cannot make your meeting due to diary clashes like holidays or family commitments. So to ensure you don’t miss a networking opportunity, please utilise the buddy swap system.

Buddy Swap

This is where you will swap meetings with another member, you both get to network in a new group and your business is still represented in your home group

Alternatively, here’s how to send someone to your place 

Option One: If a member can take your space but a swap does not work you will miss out on physically networking in this month but you can ask your buddy to represent your business in the meeting, as well as theirs. – WIN WIN!

Option Two: Send a (non-member) visitor from outside the membership, you can ask your visitor to represent your business in the meeting, as well as theirs and they get to try a new network too – WIN WIN WIN!

Sending someone in your place and being represented in your meeting when you can’t be there is the next best thing to being there, not only for your business but for your fellow members too.


  1. Look ahead in your diary and note the meetings you cannot make
  2. Post in the Ribbons Support Group on WhatsApp to ask for a Buddy Swap for your meeting or for someone to network in your place
  3. Pre-book your visitors in advance for the meetings you cannot make
  4. Let your hosts know the swap is taking place