Written by: Jade Binsted

Growing a business is easy… right? WRONG. 

In this blog, I will talk about the number one thing business owners forget about when it comes to business growth. 

When I say business growth you probably think of, sales, numbers, KPIs, employees, turnover, profit… numbers!

And of course, this is so so important because no one runs a business for fun right? 

But what about your personal growth? 

What about the growth you need to do to allow you to hit those numerical growth goals?

What does this have to do with networking? 

When I started my networking journey I was terrified at the thought of walking into a group of strangers who I perceived to be much better than me, let alone standing up in front of them trying to pitch what I do. NO THANK YOU. 

Yet, something made me do it back in 2017. But not in my hometown, not even in my home county. I travelled over 60 miles to attend a meeting that I had no intention of revisiting.

And now I put myself forward for speaking opportunities, I have created a national network, I love running and turning up to networking meetings, and am always the first to volunteer my opinion in a group discussion. I have even won an award for networking… mind blowing! 

That kind of growth does not happen accidentally. It happens over time and it absolutely happens through networking. 

Networking has given me the growth tools to: 

  • Be confident about my business offering
  • Grow my confidence in public speaking 
  • It fills my cup which grows my mental capacity 
  • Grown my support network
  • Grown my friendship base
  • Grown my business partners to collaborate with 
  • Growth in happiness
  • Growth in knowledge 
  • Growth in clients 
  • Growth in turnover

Each of these tools has been fundamental in my business growth and I know I would not have a business without networking. 

Next time you go to a networking meeting, I challenge you to set a growth goal and intention that is not focussed on sales and let me know how you get on. 

Jade x