Isn’t it time to put your business first?

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It’s that time of year (January 2023) again when everyone around us is setting new goals.

Whether they are goals to run the length of the country or a goal to get up 5 minutes earlier – goals are being set everywhere.

Goals are GREAT! Goals are what push us and our business FORWARD.

But what happens when you need some help with those goals? Or when you need to be held accountable?

Or maybe you don’t have the support around you that you need to keep you believing on the tough days.

MAYBE you need to build relationships with others who will help you set BIG goals you WILL achieve.


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Being surrounded by other driven business owners may be the key to your success this year.

So… who should be attending The Ribbons Network?

🎀 Small Businesses Owners
🎀 Businesses Owners with Teams
🎀 New Businesses Owners
🎀 Long-running Businesses Owners

Big group right? WRONG – because there is a ribbon 🎀 that ties this group together…

The Ribbons Network is for business owners who want to grow, who value learning, who want to build genuine relationships, who need to be supported and who want to give support to other business owners.

That’s it… 🤷🏼‍♀️

So if that doesn’t sound like you then that’s absolutely fine, but if it does, we would LOVE to meet you 🎀


If you have any questions about attending, please feel free to send us an email, otherwise, we really look forward to supporting you at our next meeting.