Where shall I network? What networking group is right for me? 

… are questions we hear an awful lot. 

The truth is, there are HUNDREDS (if not thousands) of different networking groups you can attend and be part of, for good reason.

Think of a line…

Some groups sit on the right-hand side, some sit on the left and some float around in the middle.

Some have high commitment, high financial investment and high time investment

Some have no commitment, no cost and little time investment

To get you started ⬇️

Think about:

🎀 what you want from a group
🎀 who are the people you want to be around
🎀 how much do you want to financially invest
🎀 how much time you can give

Once you know this, drop us a message, we will happily point you in the right direction (it may not be our group).