When speaking to Stevie McCormick at The Ribbons Network Dorset recently, she gave her advice to new networkers as:

  • Take the leap of faith
  • Have belief in yourself
  • Remember why you are attending a networking meeting


When we are asked how to make the most out of business networking, we always mention setting a goal for the meeting, otherwise, you have set no intention so it is unlikely you will gain anything from attending.

So what kind of goal do we mean?

It has to be something YOU can control and absolutely ❌ NOT SALES BASED ❌

Our favourites are:

🎀 Talk to X amount of new people
🎀 Sit next to someone new
🎀 Book x amount of 1:1’s before you next meeting
🎀 Create a new collaboration
🎀 Support someone else’s business

Networking in this way will give you the power to grow in confidence with networking and to grow your business.

If you now feel emPOWERed to try this and don’t yet have an opportunity to do so, please book an upcoming meeting, using the code RNGROW for £5 off.