We know one of the reasons business owners shy away from business networking is because of a fear of ‘selling’ and we totally get it!


So we thought… How can we help you? AH – a full A-Z of pitching tips.

Whether you’re a newbie to business networking pitches, or need some inspiration on keeping it fresh, here is a A-Z list of FUN & INVENTIVE ideas to apply to your next pitch… 🎀

A: Acronyms for your business. A-Z of my business
B: Birthday – your’s or the business’
C: Character – get into character – do some role play a scenario with customer or experience
D: Difference – what makes me different to my competitors?
E: Experience – how many years? Example of helping a client
F: FREE – give your audience free advice, a sample or experience
G: Goals – tell your audience what your goal is
H: Help – how can you help your audience?
I: Insight – what have you done this week? How have you gone the extra mile?
J: Tell a joke… Keep it light and relevant
K: Key Fact about your business or product/service
L: Laughter – make your audience laugh… It’s the best medicine especially for breakfast meetings – e.g. anecdote, short story, funny experience in the office.
M: Metaphor – liken your product/service/business to something easy to understand… Marketing is like making a cake… Ingredients/Time/Results
N: Noise – make noise… Play music, break the silence with your message!
O: Offer – give your audience an offer they can’t refuse!
P: Prop – use a prop to show your products/services
Q: Q & A – answer a frequently asked question
R: Rap/Poem about your products/services
S: Statistics – a strong statistic can help to give weight to your message!
T: Testimonial from a client
U: Unbeaten – what have you done for a client which is unbeaten by a competitor?
V: Vote – ask your audience to raise their hand if they agree or can relate
W: What have you done in the last week?
X: Xplain – your product or service (this one was hard! Can you think of a better one?!)
Y: What’s your WHY? See what we did there!!
Z: Zizz – as a noun, zizz is sparkle or vivacity… Add some ZIZZ!!

Hopefully this inspired you – we’d love to know what will you be adding to your next pitch!